May 21, 2012

Fresh Feet

After this past long weekend of beautiful warm and sunny weather, it's 100% officially barefoot season in Saint John! Yahoo! Time to forget about your sock drawer for the summer and tell your tights, you'll see them in the Fall!

Our favourite type of footwear for Spring are ballet flats - they look light and seasonal but, keep your toes covered for those cool nights when the temperature still drops quite significantly once the sun goes down. There's something so cute, feminine and stylish about ballet flats paired with a sundress or capris. We love them!

Let's be honest though.....ballets flats with bare feet on a warm day can make for a damp situation inside your shoes. And, perspiring feet in an enclosed shoe can start to be unfresh pretty quickly. If you've ever hunted for a solution to keep your feet dry and fresh while going barefoot in your favourite Spring flats, look no further than these 2 products by Tana. We highly recommend both!

Tana "Barefoot Insoles"
A unique terry cloth top layer helps keep your feet dry, while antibacterial agents and tiny perforations for breathability keep your feet fresh. This insole is padded and has impact absorbing latex foam cushioning for extra comfort in your ballet flats, deck shoes and Spring walking shoes. 1 pair per pack - can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and air dried. $9.95

Tana Barefoot Insoles

Tana "Fresh-Ins"
Ultra thin insoles that you can barely feel inside your shoes. These insoles have a very light, fresh fragrance (they smell similar to a laundry static sheet - like fresh clothing from a dryer!). These insoles will wick away light moisture and ensure your feet smell fresh after your shoes are taken off - like deodorant for your feet! You'll receive 6 pairs in one pack, as they're meant to be disposable after a few weeks depending on how frequently you wear them. $10.50

Tana Fresh'Ins Insoles


Laura said...

Did you write this blog post just for me?! I will be in later this week :)

Manchester Shoe Salon said...

Haha Laura! We wrote it based on personal experience after this weekend's hot weather :S

Figured others would appreciate the product suggestions too! :)

Jo said...

What a great idea! I need some of these :)

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